From the heart of the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia, Holy Cow has emerged as the forerunner in Australia of colourful and elaborate chai tent facilities at music festivals, authentic traditional chai and exotic marquee hire.

Chai Tent

Holy Cow Chai tent has been the mainstay of the festival circuit since the turn of the century. It stands alone in its commitment to providing a focal point with inviting, colourful marquees. We offer a selection of themes and flexible sizing arrangements to suit the needs of your festival.

Holy Cow Chai

Holy Cow now offers a range of Chai Blends. All boasting a generous spice content of 80% in a variety of bases - Organic Black Formosan Tea, Organic Green Formosan Tea, Organic Rooibus , Dandelion and Chicory. All are full flavoured and aromatic chais - free from preservatives, additives and flavourings

Holy Cow Marquee Hire

Hire our unique and highly decorative marquees and umbrellas, adding colour and atmosphere to your function or event.