Holy Cow Chai

Holy Cow is proud be an accredited member of the ACO with our chai range. It is a rigorous process that ensures organic integrity across our range and supports organic processes and businesses. This accreditation is overseen by a number of internationally recognized bodies and Holy Cow will be audited each year to guarantee our organic integrity and ensure that we meet the strict certification standards. There is a big difference between stating a product is "organic" ( an easy way to tap into current trends without associated organic practice) and stating that a product is certified organic. As it stands there is no regulation on the use of the word "organic" so can loosely be applied Accreditation with a registered body is the only way to actively support the Organic Industry , its growers and producers and for us to supply a genuine organic product - grown without synthetic / toxic substances and no artificial additives.

The Holy Cow Range

  • Original Blend
  • Dandelion + Chicory
  • Rooibus Blend
  • Green Tea
  • Original Sticky - raw honey based
  • Original Vegan - agave based

Available online via holycowchai.com.au or via the stockists listed on this website

I's been an exciting time to have moved forward with our vision and to live our philosophy which extends way beyond chai. Supporting our planet through sustainable practices and becoming more wholistic in our customer and business approach is at the heart of organic accreditation.