Holy Cow Chai

Holy Cow Chai is our original 100% natural blend with 80% pure spices to give an authentic flavour. The small effort involved in brewing Holy Cow Chai blend results in increased extraction of natural flavours and active ingredients. Depth is added to the overall taste and the aroma that fills your kitchen simply divine.

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Holy Cow now brings the warmth of Chai to your table in four delectable blends.
Our range now consists of:

  • Original Blend – Spices with Organic Black Formosan Tea
  • Rooibus – Spices with Organic Rooibus
  • Green Tea – Spices with Organic Green Formosan Tea
  • Dandelion + Chicory – Spices with Dandelion and Chicory

We use recycled packaging and biodegradable inner cellophane bags.