Chai Tent Hire

We have 3 marquees that are suitable for festivals. They are all brightly coloured with decorative inner linings. Carpets, cushions and low tables provide a comfortable and inviting environment. Decorative items, drapes, flowers, statues enhance these outstanding structures. They offer ample space for shelter against the often harsh Australian climate - an important consideration for any event - and are waterproof.
Various combinations of the following marquees are also possible.


  • Chai Tent - 13m x 6m
  • Bali Pavilion- 8m x 6m
  • Bali Pavilion- 8m x 6m Joined to Chai Tent – 21m x 6m
  • The Raj- 16m x 6m
  • Umbrellas 4 x 2m square
  • Umbrellas 8 x 2m square 

For more information see marquee hire