Chai Testimonials

"I never know what’s around the corner at the Holy Cow. We are always running into old friends or making new ones there. It’s not just the scrumptious fresh cakes and yummy chai that gravitate people to the Holy Cow, it’s all the spontaneous possibilities that the atmosphere creates."

Nicky and Shane Jan Juc Victoria

"I’ve had chai from festivals all around Australia and nothing beats the taste of Holy Cow Chai, especially when you try it with Twid and Cols’ delicious honey from their own bees!"

Paul Sonsie Camberwell Melbourne Vic

"Holy Cow Chai – there is only one word for this - heavenly"

Ben Sofowora Melbourne

"Holy Cow Chai is a perfectly balanced array of spices and tea that allow the subtle flavours to mix and mingle on the palette. Its the best product on the market for an authentic Indian style street chai."

Belinda Wickens Donvale Melbourne Vic

"Im from Byron – just moved to Melbourne for while and I love your chai!"

Julie Bartley Byron Bay NSW

"The Holy Cow Chai Tent is a wonderful and magic roving venue that will become anything you need it to be! If you’re at a festival then you meet at the Chai Tent. If it’s cold outside and a little miserable then you need a yummy chai and warm smiling faces to greet you. If you are getting married there is no better place to get married in."

Nick Ralph Cockatoo Victoria

"It’s somewhere to chill for a bit, a dry place when its wet, a shady one when it’s hot. Somewhere to meet new people, if I don’t know anyone at a festival or I can’t find my friends, the chai tent is where I head first. I see it as the heart of the market place at Confest. Sometimes there is spontaneous music, sometimes it is quiet. On top of all this it is where I go to get a yummy chai tea."

Nicole Douglas – Castlemaine Victoria

"Holy Cow Chai contains an authentic and well balanced blend of spices- prepared and developed with care and passion. A deliciously refreshing and invigorating drink!"

Tom Kelly Lismore NSW

"I love Chai, I have for thirty odd years. I first discovered Holy Cow Chai at a World Music Festival. I now use it at home, only thing I can say - best chai this soul has tasted!"

Richard Eagle Warburton Vic

"From the moment I open the packet and take in the spicy aromas to my first sip, the whole experience is totally enjoyable – and its 100% natural! "

Lyddia Burke, Reefton

"I feel the love in in this Holy Cow Chai. The exotic taste transports me to an exciting place."

Desiree February, Ballarat

"Holy Cow Chai warms my heart!"

Dunnielle Mina, Northcote

"I enjoy drinking Holy Cow Chai because I can taste the spice combination and I know it's completely natural."

Carmel Darcy Cockatoo VIC

"The Holy Cow Chai Tent is an institution at the most iconic of Australian festivals. Its a sanctuary of joyful souls that gather together in happy unison, often assuming position at the heart of the festival. Whilst sipping the most delicious chai I have spent many wonderful moments in the arms of the Holy Cow Chai Tent!!"

Georgie Warner , Camberwell

"We are known in The Valley to be brewing and serving only the best chai around. We have many delighted regular customers that have always drank the "Holy Cow Chai" and many new customers, learning about the authenticity of Holy Cow Chai and how it should taste. We take pride in supporting locally produced goods and Holy Cow Chai is one product we will always support. We take great care in ensuring the recipe is the same and value promoting the name next to ours. Thanks guys! Keep up the good work!"

The Gilded Lily Management Healesville VIC